We’ve been providing lawn care for a while now.

In 1989 Lawn Pros, Inc. was started by the late Jerome Stendel. He had a simple vision; to offer high-quality lawn care services with outstanding customer service centered around a family atmosphere.  Through the years, with help from his wife Julie and son Steve, that vision has remained unchanged. We are a family owned and operated company to this day and we love helping families make the most of their yards and lawn.

Lawn Pros is an honest, local, and hard-working lawn care company bringing knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion to every project. Being a family-owned lawn care company, opposed to a chain or franchise, we are able to offer advantages that our competitors cannot.  Whether it is choosing from one of our complete lawn care programs or selecting specific lawn applications, we are able to build a lawn care program built to fit your specific needs. Our team is thrilled to share our knowledge and experience about our lawn care services, products we use and trust, and programs to ensure you’ll have a healthy, stunning lawn.

Lawn Pros uses the best lawn care products on the market coupled with the well-maintained equipment and proven techniques to apply them. Continuous research ensures that we offer the best lawn care services and products possible. If a Lawn Pros customer has questions or concerns, they are addressed by our business owner directly – not just a lawn technician. Our team of trained and licensed lawn care professionals is committed to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

Whether you are a busy professional, a retiree, or simply don’t have the time for the hard work a healthy lawn entails, Lawn Pros has a solution for you. Your home is your most valuable investment and your lawn is the first impression for family, friends, and neighbors. Let Lawn Pros help bring about your yard’s fullest potential through exceptional maintenance and treatments to ensure your lawn and landscaping remains beautiful. Contact Lawn Pros today to get started!

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If you have questions or would like to get an estimate on lawn or landscaping work, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We’d love to tell you more about our lawn care services or costs. Give us a call at 262-878-9678 or contact us online.