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Fall leaves can keep your lawn from looking clean and have your yard looking spooky instead. It is important to keep up with raking the leaves on your lawn otherwise over time your yard’s heath will start to degrade. On rainy days during the fall season, leaves that are yet to be raked will trap water underneath, drowning the roots of your grass preventing them to grow. This can cause your yard to start dying in certain areas, looking brown and possibly muddy. By not handling the situation in the fall and waiting until spring, winter and the melting snow are only going to make matters worse. Preparing your yard for winter starts with fall lawn care. Lawn Pros has the expertise and manpower to properly winterize your lawn, no matter its size or special needs. By preparing your yard for the winter cold, you are also providing the resources needed to have your yard growing strong and healthy when spring arrives. If your home or business is located in Burlington, Waterford, Union Grove, or the surrounding areas, make Lawn Pros your first call for a quote on fall lawn care!

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Fall Lawn Care

Fall Lawn Care Tasks

Leaf Removal

There are a number of important reasons to stay on top of leaf removal throughout the fall. First and foremost, leaves that cover your yard like a blanket (as well as piles of leaves that are left to sit for long periods of time) can harm your lawn. Not only will they block sunlight from reaching your grass, they also create a moisture trap. If the leaves are not cleaned up and snowfall keeps them buried on your lawn all winter, you’ll likely be dealing with dead patches come spring.

Fall Mowing

In the fall as the weather turns colder, the growth of your grass will start to slow. Your grass won’t stop growing, however, until after the first hard frost and when day time temperatures fall below 50 degrees. It can be easy to maintain your regular mowing routine, but some adjustments need to be made. If your grass gets too long, you risk snow mold (a fungus that can damage grass after snow melts). Cutting your grass too short can be a problem too because the length of your grass directly affects the depth of your root system. Grass that is too short will make it difficult for your lawn to withstand the winter cold.


Before you lay your lawn to rest for the winter, you should feed it one last time. At Lawn Pros, our final round of fertilizer is applied in October to winterize your root system. When you use the right fertilization product at the right time, you can give your roots the added strength to bounce back in the spring. Using the wrong fertilizer at the wrong time can set your progress in reverse. That is why by hiring professionals you are getting the job done right, the first time around.


Core aeration is often performed in the spring. For lawns that have serious thatch buildup or soil compaction problems, aeration will be recommended in the fall as well. It’s important to note: if you aerate a lawn yourself, and do it improperly, it will be difficult for your lawn to recover. Come springtime, your lawn will show if it was aerated professionally or not the year before. Don’t waste your time and money, especially if you are not completely confident in what you are doing.

Fall Pruning

When you have trees or bushes to care for, it’s important to evaluate their seasonal needs. Before winter, some plants need their dead foliage removed to promote new growth during the next spring. If you’re not sure about the fall needs of your plant life, consider hiring a professional pruning service rather than doing it yourself.

Fall Lawn Care is All About Timing

Leaf removal and mowing are easy enough to handle on your own (if you’d prefer), but other vital tasks – like fertilization, aeration, and pruning – is better left to the pros. If you aerate your lawn at the wrong time, you risk damage that is not easily repaired. Using the wrong fertilizer may not benefit your lawn and fertilizing in the wrong areas could contaminate nearby waterways. When you choose Lawn Pros for Fall Lawn Care in SE Wisconsin, you can trust that your lawn is getting the exact care it needs. Our primary service areas include Burlington, Waterford, Union Grove, Paddock Lake, Salem, Pleasant Prairie, Kenosha & Racine. If you’re ready to schedule fall lawn care or want to learn more about costs, give us a call at (262) 878-9678.

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