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Lawn Pros offers high-quality, low-cost lawn care services in Paddock Lake, Salem, and Twin Lakes. If you’re looking for landscaping solutions in your area, we’d love to hear from you. Our services will keep your lawn looking great from spring until the snow falls. We’ll evaluate your lawn care needs and give you a quote for the services you’re interested in.

Our lawn maintenance services are perfect for residential & commercial properties looking to keep their lawns manicured. We’ll come by weekly to mow your grass and trim any bushes & shrubs that need it. We clean up after ourselves too; removing grass clippings and other debris before we go. This applies to each of our services; we will always make sure that your yard will look better than when we arrived. We also offer lawn aeration to help your yard grow strong and stay strong. Let’s talk about a lawn care contract for your property in the Paddock Lake area – contact us.

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Lawn Care Services Paddock Lake, Salem & Twin Lakes, WI
Seasonal Lawn Care Paddock Lake, WI

Seasonal Lawn Care

Treat your lawn to the care it deserves all season long. We make it easy! Our pros will customize a seasonal lawn care plan for your property’s specific needs. Seasonal lawn care often includes Fertilization & Weed Control Applications, Bed Edging, Core Aeration, and more.

Fertilization & Weed Control Paddock Lake, WI

Weed Control & Fertilization

Lawn Pros has a reputable weed control & fertilization program. Offering 6 & 7 application plans, we can keep your grass healthy and growing. Our slow release, granular fertilization applications keep your grass properly fed throughout the spring and summer. Learn more – call us!

Lawn Care Renovation Paddock Lake, Salem & Twin Lakes, WI

Landscape Renovation

Is your property overgrown? Are brown spots ruining the appeal of your landscape? Having trouble growing grass in certain areas? Our landscape renovation services can remedy these lawn problems and more. Let’s discuss your landscape and what improvements you’d like to make.

Landscape Lighting Installation Paddock Lake / Twin Lakes Area

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a worthwhile investment for many reasons. Add safety and security to your landscape by lighting your driveway, outdoor living area, walkways, and other dark areas of your property. We can also help you light trees and other landscape features.

Spring Lawn Care for Homes in Salem, Paddock Lake, & Bristol

When it comes to properly caring for your lawn, spring is one of the most important seasons. As your lawn thaws and wakes up from its long winter hibernation, it needs extra help if you want to enjoy green, lush, weed-free grass in the summer. Our spring lawn care plans are designed to ensure your lawn thrives year-round. Services often included in spring lawn care include:

  • Fertilization – our fertilization program starts in the spring, with the first round of granular fertilizer applied in April.
  • Insect Control – insects such as white grubs or sod webworms can cause serious damage to your lawn if not controlled. We can apply insecticide to your lawn in April or May depending on your specific needs. Overseeding – bare or thin areas in your grass should be addressed right away with overseeding if you want those areas to grow in before summer.
  • Core Aeration – for lawns that are prone to soil compaction and thatch buildup, core aeration is recommended in the spring so that your root system can feed as intended. In the spring, your lawn is also in the best condition to quickly heal after aeration.
  • Bedwork – if you have landscape beds, we’ll take care of those too with edging maintenance, mulching, and weeding.
  • Mowing – when it’s time to start mowing your lawn, we’ll be there!

Let’s discuss your lawn’s needs – call us!

Fall Lawn Care Service Salem, WI

Lawn Pros is the perfect choice for fall lawn care services in Salem, Paddock Lake, & Twin Lakes. As the seasons change so do the needs of your lawn. At the end of summer & start of fall in Wisconsin, it’s important to consider what your lawn needs to prepare for winter hibernation. If you already employee Lawn Pros for our Custom Turf Program, you can expect your last application of broad leaf weed control in August/September and the final fertilization application in October. We may also recommend fall core aeration, if you have a problem with thatch build up or soil compaction. Finally, our fall services include leaf cleanup & removal.

If you’re looking for a quote on fall lawn care in Salem, WI or the surrounding areas, give us a call at 262-878-9678.

Mosquito & Tick Control Services in Kenosha County

Mosquito Control Kenosha, WI

Skeeter Control, our sister company, delivers reliable mosquito & tick control services in Kenosha County; including the Paddock Lake, Twin Lakes & Salem areas. Our professionals would be happy to discuss the schedule and cost of our seasonal mosquito control applications; just give us a call. We’re also a great choice when you need a one-time spraying service to rid your yard of mosquitos for an outdoor party.

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If you have questions or would like to get an estimate on landscaping work, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We’d love to tell you more about our services or costs. Give us a call at 262-878-9678 or contact us online.