Keep Your Flower Beds Tidy with Bed Edging, Mulching & Weed Control

Flower and garden beds are an incredible way to enhance your landscape. However, if not properly cared for, your beds can become overrun by unsightly weeds. Let our professionals maintain healthy, tidy flower beds so that your property can look its absolute best year round.

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Landscape Bed Maintenance

Lawn Pros provides bed maintenance services that help promote plant health and control weeds. We’ll evaluate your landscape & garden beds to determine the specific care they need. Our landscape bed maintenance services include fertilization, weed control, mulching, and edging.

Bed Maintenance Fertilization


When it comes to bed care, fertilization & weed control are a must. The right products will promote healthy growth, prevent insect damage, and keep your beds weed free. Several factors go into determining the best fertilization & weed control plan for your landscape & garden beds; including the location of your bed and the type of plant life it homes.

Bed Maintenance Mulching


Mulch can make a positive impact on flower and plant beds when it’s been properly laid. The best time of year to mulch your landscape & garden beds is mid-late spring. Mulch is popular in part because it is an attractive landscaping option. Most importantly, though, mulch is essential to garden care because it locks moisture into the soil, protects soil against the drastic weather changes experienced throughout the year in SE Wisconsin, and helps maintain even soil temperatures.

Bed Maintenance Edging


An unedged bed can become overgrown and sloppy. Properly edging your bed throughout the spring and summer will create an attractive border that yields many benefits. Clean bed edges will complete the perfectly manicured look you love. More than just aesthetically pleasing, proper bed edging helps prevent weeds, grass, and other plant roots from growing into your garden beds. It also helps prevent the soil and mulch in your bed from exiting with rain and wind.

If you’re interested in a bed maintenance contract or lawn care services in SE Wisconsin, don’t hesitate to call us with your inquiries. We are happy to serve homeowners throughout Pleasant Prairie, Salem, Paddock Lake, Twin Lakes & Bristol; Union Grove, Burlington, and Waterford.

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