Sprinkler System & Irrigation Installation

Sprinkler systems are a worthwhile investment for residential and commercial property owners. Automated irrigation systems are a cost-effective and convenient way to promote the health of your lawn and gardens while conserving water. They can also increase home value when properly installed and maintained by professionals. Lawn Pros would love to evaluate your watering needs and walk you through the best solutions for your landscape and budget. We’d be happy to discuss a new system install or upgrade – let’s schedule an irrigation appointment.

Sprinkler Maintenance & Winterization

Having your sprinkler properly maintained is the best way to prevent repair and keep it operating better for longer. Seasonal maintenance is especially important in areas like SE Wisconsin. Our professionals will winterize your sprinkler system by making sure all water is removed from the pipes, valves, and all sprinkler heads. In the spring, we’ll inspect the entire system and ensure everything is working properly.

If you need irrigation installation, repair, or maintenance in Racine or Kenosha areas, schedule an appointment with Lawn Pros!

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