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Rejuvenate Your Overgrown, Dead, or Damaged Landscape

Lawn Pros, Inc. specializes in lawn renovation services. We’ve been providing lawn care in Racine County for 30 years; and we have the resources and expertise to repair lawns damaged by insects, fungus, or a lack of proper care. Our professionals will create a landscape foundation that is aesthetically pleasing and primed for a year of growth. After evaluating your property, we’ll determine exactly what services are necessary to bring your lawn back to life.

A Kenosha, WI, home after our landscape remodel services

Restoring the Health & Beauty of Your Lawn

When it comes to resolving lawn problems, you can rely on our pros. We can rescue yellow, brown, and dead patches of your yard; restoring their natural green color and plush feel. Do you have bare spots of soil that refuse to grow? We can help promote new grass growth on small and large scales too.

Our experienced professionals are happy to provide fall or spring renovation services to treat small problem areas or we can quote a complete lawn renovation project for you.

The following are common lawn renovation services:

  • Thatching – thatch is the buildup of dead roots and grass that compact under the surface of your lawn. Tightly weaved into a barrier of sorts, thatch prevents necessary nutrients, like water and oxygen, from reaching the roots of your grass. You often cannot see thatch and will not notice a problem until the damage from lack of nutrients starts to show in brown or dead grass on the surface. Our power raking services will break any thatch up and pull it to the surface for removal.
  • Aerating – core aeration goes hand in hand with thatching. Our aerating equipment pulls plugs of soil from the ground to create space that allows air, water, and nutrients to breach soil and reach the roots of your grass. Core aeration often results in: stronger roots, better growth next season, reduced soil compaction, easier lawn maintenance, and more!
  • Fertilizer – fertilization is essential to grass and plant growth. Not only does it promote growth, it helps combat the weeds and diseases often associated with the damage or death of grassy areas. Our fertilization and weed control services are second to none. Give us a call to learn more!
  • Seeding – if dead grass is the problem, there’s really only one option; seeding. Lawn Pros provides slit seeding services because they are proven far more effective than overseeding techniques. Cutting slits into the soil and laying seeds directly in them allows for a higher seed to soil contact, which results in better growth.
  • Fungus Treatment – There are several types of lawn fungi affecting properties across SE Wisconsin, including brown patch, summer patch, dollar spot, red thread, and snow molds. If you’re noticing patchy areas of your lawn and think it may be a fungus problem, call our experts for a consultation!

Lawn Renovation Company Serving Racine County

Our Lawn Renovation Company is located in Union Grove, Wisconsin; and we’re eager to help neighboring homeowners restore their damaged or dead lawns. If you need lawn renovation or other landscaping services in Burlington, Waterford, Union Grove, Yorkville, Raymond, Paris, or elsewhere in Racine County, don’t hesitate to call us. We’d be happy to discuss your lawn problems, suitable solutions, and the cost of service.

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