Seasonal Lawn Applications That Help Maintain a Healthy Landscape Year-Round

We can say without a doubt that you will not regret choosing Lawn Pros for your seasonal lawn care needs. With 30+ years of lawn care experience, we have developed a combination of seasonal applications & services that will promote growth and enhance the health of your grass and plant life. We will use services including fertilization & weed control, insect control, and core aeration to properly nourish your root systems, manage thatch buildup, and control insects. Let’s discuss a seasonal lawn care contract that fits your budget – contact us!

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Seasonal Lawn Care Services

Our Seasonal Lawn Care Services Include:

Seasonal lawn care is so much more than just mowing your yard on a weekly basis. It includes feeding your lawn, caring for your landscape & flower beds, breaking up compacted soil & thatch, and preventing damage caused by insects. We can help you with all of the services detailed below. If you’re looking for seasonal lawn care services in Burlington, Waterford, Union Grove, Paddock Lake, Twin Lakes, Salem, Pleasant Prairie, or the surrounding areas – choose Lawn Pros!

Seasonal Fertilization Service SE Wisconsin


When it comes to lawn care, fertilization makes a real difference. We use a slow-release granular fertilizer that feeds your yard throughout the growing season. This offers a healthy, greener lawn for longer.

Seasonal Weed Control Applications

Weed Control

Our weed control application consists of a liquid broadleaf herbicide capable of demolishing dandelions and ground ivy alike. We’ve had great success with our weed control services and know our weed control product rivals that of our competitors.

Insect Control Services

Insect Control

We apply a preventative insect control application to lawns in the spring to protect them all season long from insect damage often caused by grubs, sod worms, and chinch bugs.

Core Aeration Services SE Wisconsin

Core Aeration

Core aeration is often performed in the spring, and depending on thatch build up, can also be necessary in the fall. Core aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil and thatch to allow more nutrients, water, and oxygen to reach the roots of your grass and promote healthier growth.

Power Raking Service SE Wisconsin

Power Raking

Similar to core aeration, power raking breaks up thatch and allows nutrients to penetrate roots deep below the ground. Rather than pulling plugs of soil from the ground, however, power raking equipment breaks up thatch and pulls it to the surface for removal using tines that move vertically as you pass over the ground.

Seasonal Bed Edging & Mulching

Bed Work

Plant beds are becoming a staple of residential landscapes. We will redefine edging, control weeds, and install new mulch as your garden beds require.

Fall Lawn Care Services

Fall Lawn Care

Winter in Wisconsin is tough on our lawns. In the fall, our pros will prep your property for hibernation by removing leaves, branches & any lawn debris; mulching, pruning, & caring for your seasonal flowers; as well as detaching if necessary.

Fall Lawn Care in Your Area
Spring Lawn Care Services

Spring Lawn Care

Come spring, your lawn deserves special care for recuperating after winter. We’ll start your fertilization & weed control applications, aerate your lawn, and prepare your grass & garden beds for a year of bloom

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Our seasonal lawn care services are perfect for residential & commercial properties. We’re happy to help customers throughout SE Wisconsin with their landscapes. If you’re in Union Grove, Burlington, Waterford, or elsewhere in Racine & Kenosha, you can count on Lawn Pros to manage your lawn care.  Call us to schedule an appointment.

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