We’ll Get Your Landscape Cleaned Up & Prepared for Winter

Fall is a beautiful time of year in Wisconsin. Keep your landscape in peak condition with fall lawn care and cleanup services from Lawn Pros.

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Sweater weather and the color of autumn leaves makes fall the favorite season of many Wisconsinites. As we draw closer to winter, however, those same leaves will fall and cover the ground. While a leafy yard is not an eye soar, it will prevent your grass and plants from getting the nutrients they need before the ground freezes. Our professionals will take the work out of cleaning up your yard, by removing all leaves and debris for you. Our fall lawn care services don’t stop at leaf cleanup either. We’ll help prepare your landscape for hibernation and healthy growth in spring with services including:

Fertilization – If you promote growth year round with a fertilization program, the last application of fertilizer will be applied in the fall. Fertilizing in the fall will strengthen and winterize the root system of your lawn and garden beds; making it easier for plants and grass to come back to life in the spring.

Trimming & Pruning – trees, bushes, perennials, and other plant life will be trimmed and pruned as necessary to eliminate dead foliage and prepare them for the harsh weather of winter.

Mowing – as long as your grass is growing, we’ll be around to cut it! This helps ensure that it is a proper length for winter to allow for melted snow and ice to be absorbed or run off and not cause extra wetness.

Light Mulching – mulching is a relevant spring lawn care service. Some areas of your landscape may need light mulching before winter for added protection.

Aeration – lawns with extreme soil compaction and thatch build up may require core aeration in the fall as well as the spring. We’ll evaluate your needs and recommend aeration if necessary.

Get your landscape ready for winter by choosing Lawn Pros for fall cleanup and lawn care. Contact us to schedule an appointment!

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